Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ms. Mattie is BLOGWORTHY!

 (Ms. Mattie:  Picture borrowed from Ginny Donovan:  "Cooking with Chopin, Living with Elmo)

Every now and then I run into something or hear something and say, "NOW THAT'S BLOG WORTHY!"  Sometimes I just have to tell the story!  And this is one.  There is an ADORABLE lil' lady in our congregation that keeps us ALL on our toes.  Her name is Ms. Mattie and she is PRECIOUS!  If you say,"Oh my goodness", in her presence she lets you know pretty quickly that she has NO goodness.  She completely relies on the goodness of her Lord.  Ms. Mattie is a humble sort and really does encourage others to walk on the humble road.  She has tried to inspire us to stay healthy and believe me she has some answers.  She is in good health and way into her 80s.  She gets along better than a lot of younger folks.  I heard her talking to someone once about "getting some weight off" in order to keep in good health.  The person she was talking to said, "Ms. Mattie, I have really cut back.  It just seems to not be working so well."  Her reply, "Well, once you get a hog fat, it doesn't take much to keep it there."  You got to appreciate that downhome knowledge!   So much for the intro, here's the latest.  Paul, her son, came in from work.  She had fixed him some sandwiches.  Paul had been trying to convince his mom that chicken salad was SO much better than tuna for some time.  He took a bite.  He said, "Mama, is this chicken?"  She nodded.  "See," he went on, "how much better this is than tuna?"  He may have gone on to describe the deliciousness...Then he asked, "Mama, what brand of chicken is this?"  She replied, "I threw the can in the trash.  But it said, 'Chicken of the Sea' ".  Paul could only laugh and shake his head!  I LOVE THAT LADY!!!!