Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teacher, What Do You See?

We are going through so many changes in education.  Not just on a national, state or local level but also on the SCHOOL level.  Teachers leaving, changing schools, changing subjects, changing levels...Supervisors, Directors, Principals calling on teachers to do more with less and on and on it goes.  But with all of this one thing remains CONSTANT!  True Teachers love learning and there will always be Students to teach.  With this in mind, I have challenged myself this year to take into consideration the unseen future of my students in a more unique way.  I have prayed, "Lord, open my eyes so that I might see what you see."  I have a framed quotation from a song on my desk, "When others see a Shepherd Boy, GOD may see a King!"  Oh that I might see the hidden potential in every one of my students.  Oh that I might lift them to heights they only have dreamed of...Oh that I might see a King!


  1. There will always be students. What will the teachers of the future be? Will computers take over. I hope they will take over the special needs children. My daughter is a para educator and has to practically suit up as a football player to protect herself from these children she attempts to nurture. My daughter has been bitten, scratched, kicked and knocked down. The children have no idea why they are at school. Are you supportive of those Paras who take custody of these kids so that you do not have to? It does not seem to me that my daughter has the support of the teachers in her school. Don't know what led me this direction. Curiosity I guess, since you are an award winning teacher. Glad to see you back by the way:)

    1. I most definitely support ANY & ALL help I can get! I appreciate Paras like your daughter & she DESERVES a BIG raise regardless of her current pay grade. I agree we need to re -think our education for special needs. Some of the expectations are OUTRAGEOUS! And thanks its good to be back! :)

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