Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Symptoms: Hold on I Think I've Got That!!!

Old Television Clip Art

You know you are in trouble when you are watching television and a commercial comes on encouraging you to see your doctor and ask for _____ (some medicine) if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, and you have 4 out of 5 of them.  Then you hear the side effects of the medicine and you realize you are experiencing ALL of the side effects and you aren't even taking ANY medicine!  What is going on?  You might call it hypochondria, except for I don't get hyper about very much, unless it has to do with something I'm really interested in.  And frankly my "symptoms" of a disease I didn't even know existed until  I saw the commercial do not get me hyper.  So why do I have all the symptoms and the side effects...too much TV!  I think I'm experiencing "Symptomatic Medical TV Commercial Overload".  That's something for you!  The symptoms are:
You talk in commercial voice all the time.
You check the "Guide" as soon as you get up or sit down.
You can't leave the house without the DVR set.
You break out in a cold sweat while watching a recorded show and your spouse skips through the commercials.
You keep a list of all the "medical" commercials, just in case.
You keep a list of all the lawyers suing all the "medicines", just in case.

I've not come up with a cure for SMTVCO yet, but when I do...the journey will be sweeter!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Door

Our school is STILL under renovation.  But it's getting better all the time and I know that all the inconvenience will manifest itself into one glorious institute of knowledge.  Last week I was extremely tired, a week of workshops, unpacking, and planning for a new school year can make an old girl weak in the knees.  AND I was a bit disappointed by the look of the door to my classroom.  The contractor had either mis-ordered or the door shippers had shipped some wrong doors.  Either way three classrooms in my hall were left with old doors and they were ugly and dirty by comparison.  The door to a classroom is the first hint of the teacher inside.  I'm not old, ugly or dirty...(Just Saying)  I wanted a new door too!  I posted this statement under the picture of someone's new door as my status on facebook and got quite a few remarks.

One of them I absolutely loved!  My four year old granddaughter, Bethany Cate, remarked to her mother, "How about she just open that door and go in!"  Spot on!  A door is just a door and if it remains unopened we can only guess what lies inside for us. 
I use to have a sentence strip with a wise old owl saying, "The door to knowledge is never closed", hanging above my classroom door.  One day I had to ask a student to leave my room; he did.  But on his way out he slammed the door.  One of my other male students remarked under his breath, "Whoa, I think I just heard the door to knowledge slam shut!  Or maybe that was the door of stupidity."  Sometimes you just can't help yourself, you call it the way you see it.  The journey is winding, let's walk through the door and get on our way!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Cheer, You Cheer, We All Cheer for CPJH!!!

CPJH Cheer Leaders & Baby Blues are the BEST!!!

Ok, here we go...my first week of drill team...and it was GREAT!  The girls showed up, cheered, danced and worked hard.  I have to admit for someone that was not exactly looking forward to this I thoroughly enjoyed it.  In another blog I admitted that in high school some of my favorite times were spent in the band making fun of cheerleaders.  I have to say to all my cheery friends, "Sorry!"  If you worked back then as hard as my girls worked you deserve respect not ridicule.  These girls gave it all they had on the most part, those that did not will not be cheering or dancing.  It's that simple.  WE SHOW UP; WE WORK OUT; WE CHEER; WE DANCE!  Love it!!!  Another fine mess for me and Suzanne, a great fellow teacher & coach!   The journey has taken a little turn, let's hope it doesn't get too bumpy!