Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Traditions

The Christmas Cards are up, the stockings are hung...bring on St. Nick...
When I was a child, Santa always visited our house on Christmas Eve, just like he did everyone else.  However, Santa's delivery of our presents was quite unique.  Mama had a certain way she wanted Santa greeted.  This is how it always went from my earliest memory until the Christmas before I married Mr. Ken.  All six of us kids and Mama would be in the living room and kitchen, cooking, watching TV, playing, putting puzzles together, just having family moments, and then Mama would say, "I think I heard something." (Now, I find this funny, because I now know that even back then Mama was completely deaf in one ear because of a birth defect and could barely hear out of the other.)  But all six of us kids would freeze and get completely silent.  Mama would then swear she heard bells and she would swish us all into the bathroom.  She told us to sing Christmas carols so Santa would hear our angelic voices and leave us lots of toys.  Of course we would.  As we sang, we would listen.  Mama would let someone, Santa, into the house.  Santa would holler the Ho, Ho, Ho business and hit a few walls with his bag, stomp on the floor extra big and just make a whole lot of racket.  Meanwhile we're still in that bathroom singing, "Silent Night".  After a while we'd hear Mama let Santa out the front door, yelling, "See you next year!"  She then would let us come out and there would be all our presents.  It probably wasn't much, maybe a doll, a purse and a game for all of us to play, but it seemed like the whole toy store.  That was because of their presentation.  It was SO BIG!!!  After Santa left and Daddy came in we'd go through all our gifts.  We were then allowed to stay up all night, as long as we didn't bother Mama and Daddy.  We played, we fought, we laughed, and tried really hard not to sleep.  Christmas Day we started all over again.  Oh what a journey, oh what a ride!  Share a Christmas memory with me...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Pageant: Bring it ON!!!

Mary & Joseph, The shepherds, The Three Kings, and Angels all appeared at our house!

Some time ago, about a year ago I guess,two of my sisters decided to go into the animal business.  They now have chickens, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, and such.  One of these sisters blogs about her lil farm @  She and I were talking on the phone last evening, I was telling her about a Christmas Pageant I had heard about on TV & she was telling me about how one of her "friends" had called & inquired about using some of her animals in their church pageant.  Charlotte has chickens, goats, rabbits, dogs and cats.  I guess the lil dwarf goats could pull Mary in a wagon if they hooked them all up, she has 4.  Anyway all of this reminded me of when our children were young and we put on a Christmas Pageant.  The pictures are still on my piano every Christmas!  Tafta, Mary, road in on a donkey guided by Joseph, Jonathan.  Ben, Joe and Chris Hicks were shepherds out standing in their fields, they still are...taking care of their flocks.  I believe we used goats too.  We had plenty of them but no baby doll sheep at the time.  Now we have barbados sheep, but they are more like deer and wild.  Not very good for the Christmas Pageant.  We never had any camels for our wise men.  I think Joe, Chris and Ben had to pull double duty there.  The angels were Coree & Josh Nash, who truly were role cast!  They were sweet youngins.  I tell you for sure, I miss those days.  Just wait til those grand youngins get back here.  We're gonna put on a Christmas Pageant even if it's the middle of July!  I've got just the right donkey...


Moses & Ken

I for  one think donkeys make the journey a little bit sweeter!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hey My Tree is Flocked TOO!!!

Me & Charlotte under our
icecycled tree!
As I was reading my sister's blog @ ,
"Decorating the Christmas Tree", I was feeling just a lil bit jealous.  She always has a "flocked" tree.  So does my Aunt Tootsie.  But I've never had one.  Then in the middle of the night it hit me...MY TREE IS FLOCKED!!!!  A few years ago, about 10, I got tired of putting a tree up and down, up and I just bought one I enjoyed and leave it up all year!!!  And it's "flocked".  OK, so mine is flocked with birds, but that's how I get away with leaving it up all year and then at Thanksgiving I bring out the Christmas ornaments and decorate it for the holiday.
My "flocked" tree

On my tree, each ornament can be seen and cherished. Here's a few & their stories...
Might be a real bird that got strung up...

Red Birds & Hummingbirds
An Angel that has hung on my tree for 35 years,
given to me by a little 3 yr. old girl fighting cancer.

Reminder during this season, (red heart) Be still...
Natchitoches Ornament created by a parent of a student.

Chicken Light Bulb created by Kate!
Candy Cane created by Riggs

A whole family of Blingy Snowballs given to me by a friend!
A silver ball made of Aluminum Foil,
 always hung on our tree when I was a child
A lace ball, made from my wedding dress.

 So from my house to yours...
May your Christmas be full of JOY! 

And may all your trees be "FLOCKED"!!!  hehehehe

Monday, December 19, 2011

School's Out for Christmas

Ahhhh, the first day of Christmas break!  I slept late and opened my eyes to coffee!!!  While I drank my first two cups my sweet husband read the scripture to me.  As he read I sat and worked on a Christmas puzzle.  This so reminded me of when I was young.  My mama would clear her sewing cabinet and put out a puzzle that we would all work during the Christmas break.  There were six of us and often Christmas time in Louisiana can be mushy, rainy weather.  So mother made sure there were plenty of inside activities to keep our active bodies and minds engaged.  We put together puzzles, played lots of  Rook, Yellow 10, Parcheesi and lots of other games.  The first day of Christmas Vacation was looked forward to by me back then and still is today.  Today I watched movies, folded clothes, put together puzzles, wrote Christmas cards, opened Christmas cards and remembered.
Santa World:  Kate & Sully Mac helped me finish this one!

New puzzle:  "When Dreams Come True" 
A breast cancer HOPE puzzle
I bought this one years ago, in honor of my sister Charlotte.  I'm just now getting around to putting it together! 

 One special memory for today is one of my baby sisters, Elizabeth.  December 19, today is her birthday.  She is one special lady and I love her!  Ken and I called her this morning and sang "Happy Birthday!"  What better way to start Christmas Vacation?  The journey is sweet...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Birthdays!

Our very first grandchild was born December 16, 2000, Joshua Shepard Evans.  Absolutely PRECIOUS, that is the only word that can describe a grandchild like mine!  Joshua is just that and more.  He loves his family, acting, football, wrestling, Ramon noodles, steak and STEAK SAUCE.  When he was born I thought I would have him call me Grammy.  That seems to be the "hot" topic with new grandparents, "What's the baby going to call you?" Let me tell you, that baby can call you whatever he/she likes and it will be WONDERFUL!  That's what happened to me.  I was a Sr. in Speech Pathology when I switched over to Elementary Education, so of course I knew the "G" sound in Grammy would be a long time in coming.  The first time I heard that baby say, "Mammy", I was hooked, and have been Mammy ever since.  The first time Joshua stayed with Ken & I without parents, we locked out the world and followed that kiddo around our house and oohed and awed over everything he did and said...That's eleven years and 12 grandchildren later.  Thanks, Joshua you are a great # 1 and I hope you have many more birthdays!

Kendalyn, Mammy  & Ava
In 2009 all four of our children enlarged their families.  Four new grandchildren were born that year including two in December.  Ava was suppose to be number 11 born on Dec. 18, Kendalyn would be number 12 to be born on Dec. 21.  Kendayln did not like that number...She decided to come early!  Kendayln is number 11 and made a grand entrance on Dec. 8.  She has my heart for sure.  They say she is bad, but I can tell you that little darling is just that, DARLING!!!  When she is at my house she follows me around or I follow her around.  When she goes to church with me, she sits with me, sings with me and I play with her in the nursery if we have to leave out...I look forward to many more years watching this baby grow in to a fine young woman. 

Shopping with Ava & Kendalyn!!!

Ava is the youngest of our brood.  Born to Tafta and Matt, this little angel is an absolute DOLL .  She constantly has a smile on her face and is an extremely pleasant little person.  She loves her Pappy and he loves that.  Lil Ava always wants to go with us every time we show up.  She is never ready for us to leave and never ready to leave us.  It is so wonderful to be loved just because you showed up!  That's the beauty of being a grandparent to our wonderful kiddos.  December is a wonderful month of celebration and family.  These three make the journey even better!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ben & 3 of the Darlings
Every Fall Ken & I say, "We should go north and see the colors."  Every Fall I say, "I gotta go to school."  Every Fall we miss going north and seeing the colors.  I told him this Fall I'd go.  We just needed to choose a weekend and head out.  We could leave as soon as school is out on Friday and stay gone until 7:20 am Tuesday, that's when I have to report for duty. Then my younger sister got married November 11 and I was invited to her reception on November 12; my youngest sister married on November 11 also and held a reception November 19.  Both of these girls live in Arkansas.  Elizabeth, Nov. 12 reception, lives near my son in Fayetteville.  That gave me four good reasons to head north:  I get to see my sister, her family & meet her new spouse, visit my son, daughter-in-law, and four darling grandchildren, my mother also wanted to go with me and we see the colors of Fall in Arkansas, AND then # 4 my youngest son, Joe, decided he'd ride with me! 

Ben, me & Joe
Wow!  Before we took the trip, I was walking around in my own yard talking on the phone to someone and that's when I noticed all the colors around me.  All the colors I hoped to see were in my own back yard.
Looking out my backdoor!
 Double Wow!  So that was off my list.  There is nothing as beautiful as HOME!  But I gotta say, I enjoyed the trip and the different views.  The colors in my life are really brought on by the people in my life and it is downright colorful.  In fact it's quite a masterpiece, put together for me by the Master!   My children and their families all came and spent Thanksgiving with us.  We start on Wednesday and celebrate all the way through Sunday.  We actually celebrate Christmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  This year, Stacy headed up my Christmas present.  They all went in together and hired a photographer to come and spend a couple of hours at our house taking pictures of all the different families, the big family and then all of us just kind of playing.

The Whole Clan!!!

  It was a delightful present and really shows the colorful life I lead.  Thank you Lord for all the colors of my life.  The journey is delightful.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Friend's Passing

Ken lost a friend today.  Ben got up feeling like he had indigestion or gas, could get no relief.  He sat down in his chair, and there he died.  He was in his 50s.  Ken said he was my age, 54, but he's not real sure.  Losing a friend is hard, especially when you just saw them a couple of days before or maybe an hour before and you parted with, "See you later."  How much time is later?  We never know. 

When I was in my late thirties, I lost my best friend in a car wreck.  Her youngest son had had surgery in a town about an hour away that day.  Ken & I had been there with them and were about five minutes behind them.  She was dead when we drove up on them.  I left my friend on the side of the road; I picked up her baby and took him home.  I cried out to the Lord.  He gave my heart rest.

I've stood by young mothers and cried with them at the death of their infants.  I've listened and stood by the ancient as they've cried burying  sons, 60 and 70 years old, that no mama should bury their baby.

Some of my favorite family members have left this life, a brother-in-law, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and my Daddy.  This count does not even include people that I have loved that still make me smile.  I can still hear Mr. Larry say, "You are acting roguish."   Larry, I'm afraid I'm still a rogue.  I thank God for putting you in my life for a breif time...

One of my nieces had a baby a few days ago. She is a nurse and of course has studied a lot about "nursing" things. Being an expectant mother and a nurse she of course researched SIDS. She is quoted in their local paper in an article written about this and there is a beautiful picture of their little family that was sent to me. I pray, "Lord please bless this family." I've learned we can make all the best plans; we can follow all the best rules; we can scheme all the best schemes. But life and breath are in the hands of God, the Almighty. And for that I'm thankful. He has established my comings and my goings. He has set my perimeter and has numbered my days. I'm glad He is in control, for I'm not!   We are a flower quickly fading and the journey is swift.  May this day bring glory to His name.  The journey has been brighter because You were there. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"If I had my life to live over..."

The other day someone sent me a list of things that should make you think about your priorities and the way you live life.  One of the "hmms" was, "I wonder if some of the people on the Titanic skipped dessert that fateful night..."  I've been dieting and dieting and dieting...That statement made me want to run out RIGHT THEN and get dessert.  Any dessert... It also reminded me one of my favorite essays.  I have this essay framed and hanging in my home.  I'll share it with you.

If I had my life to live over...
If I had my life to live over, I'd dare to
make more mistakes next time.  I'd
relax, I would limber up.  I would be sillier
than I have been this trip.  I would take
fewer things seriously.  I would take more chances. 
I would climb more mountains and swim more rivers.
I would eat more ice cream and less beans.
I would perhaps have more actual
troubles, but I'd have fewer imaginary ones.

You see, I'm one of those people who
live sensibly and sanely hour after hour, day after day.
Oh, I've had my moments and if I had it to do over again,
I'd have more of them.  In fact, I'd try to
have nothing else.  Just moments, one after another,
instead of living so many years ahead
of each day.  I've been one of those persons
who never goes anywhere without a thermometer,
a hot water bottle, a raincoat and a parachute.
If I had it to do again I would travel lighter than I have.

If I had my life to live over, I would start
barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in
the fall.  I would go to more dances.
I would ride more merry-go-rounds.

I would pick more daisies.
Nadine Stair
85 years old
Dear Nadine,
I so very much agree with the sentiments of your essay.  I'm very glad I found this while I was young.  I've tried my bestest to live by these ideas as well as for the Lord.  I think I'll have another moment...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Great-great Grandpa Henry and Great-great Grandma Mary's Lost Baby

With the first cold snap of October on this dark dreary night comes the remembrance of a story that took place long ago...

I never knew the baby's name.  Never knew if it was a boy or a girl.  It seems the memory was so horrible that no one ever spoke of it, other than the warning of the story.  Sometimes that is enough.  It happened in the place where I grew up, just a few pastures from the home place.  It happened on a very dark cool October night, late in the middle of the night...

It seems Great-Great Grandpa Henry & Great-Great Grandma Mary had had a new baby, born in early September.  At that time the woman stayed in with the newborn at least a month.  In fact, my daddy insisted I also do that.  He told my husband that I needed my rest and so did the baby.  We followed this advice as well.  So, after a month of staying in, I felt like I understood how my Great-Great Grandma Mary felt.  I was told that after her month, she begged Henry to take her over to the neighbors for a visit.  He consented.  The day they chose was so beautiful that Henry decided not to hitch the mule to the wagon.  Mary was concerned but he consoled her with the thought that the walk and fresh air would be good for her and the baby.  Way back then they were pretty use to long long walks and this one was several miles.  They set out early and arrived at their neighbors in time for nursing the baby, then lunch, naps, and finally some front porch visiting that went way into the night.  Great-Great Grandma Mary was quite upset at how dark the night was and how fast it had come upon them.  The neighbors begged them to stay the night.  This was not uncommon in those days,  in fact most people stayed several days after such a visit and such a walk ahead of them.  But, Great-Great Grandpa Henry was quite a stubborn man.  He had a cow that needed milking, chickens that needed feeding, and a hog that needed sloppin'.  So he convinced her to set out with him.  Instead of taking the road, Henry decided a trip through the pastures would be much faster.  There were no dangerous bulls or anything in the pastures.  The worse thing was the barbed wire fences.  But Henry had made these treks so many times that he knew exactly how many steps were between each fence.  He told Mary he'd warn her when they were coming up on the fences.  So with adventure in his heart and wariness in hers they set out.  Even though the night was dark, cold and dreary they really were enjoying their walk and the night air.  When they came upon the last fence, Henry said, "I'll go through the fence first and when I'm across you can hand me the baby, then you come through."  Of course Mary agreed.  Henry went through.  He said, "Mary, hand me the baby."  He waited.  She waited for him to help her through.  Then he said again, "Mary, hand me the baby!"  She gasped, she shrieked, she grabbed at him as she shouted, "I already gave you the baby!"  The hands that took the baby from Mary's hands were never found out and neither was the baby.  Henry and Mary did have other children.  But on dark nights, in October, no one was allowed to leave the house...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cheers to You!!!

2011 - 2012 CPJH Cheer & Dance Team
Thursday night was the last regular football game for this school year at which our cheerleaders will cheer & dance.   They were great!  This has been an awesome season and I along with my partner, Suzanne, are very tired.  The eighth grade cheerleaders were great leaders and tried to make sure that everyone knew the dances, cheers and stunts.  The seventh grade cheerleaders really stepped up.  All worked hard and together made a "job" a very pleasurable experience.  They have been delightful in many ways.  Here's just a few thoughts on 18 remarkable young women:

Macy:  Was the "Cheerleader/Dancer of the Week" for four weeks in a row for good reason.  Over the years pom-poms have been lost and every year we have a different number of Drill Team members.  So this year one team member out of eighteen would wind up with one pom-pom while the rest of the team had two.  The last person to pick up pom poms (or pom, in this case) would pout and say something like, "Can't we just cheer without pom poms."  I'd say, "No, now cheer."  It DID NOT matter who it was, we'd look up in  a few minutes and there it'd be, the one with one pom-pom would be Macy.  She'd trade EVERY TIME!  She is just that kind of person!  A great person to be around.  Thanks Macy.

Jaycee:  Fondly known as the "Little General".  Even though she is the smallest member of the team, she can come on with the biggest attitude.  She wants everything to be perfect and will drill, drill, drill, drill...til everyone on the team gets it right.  You have to respect her for this, mainly because she is willing to put in as much of herself in the work as she requires from others.  Thanks Jaycee.

I will not forget the willingness of Presley and Olivia to go along with Jaycee & Hollin's pleas, "Can we stunt again?  again?  again?  again?...."  I know Presley & Olivia had to be tired but they always joined in to do their best on their part with a smile. They make me smile :) Thanks Presley & Olivia

Dakota & Kaylen:  Willing to be a flier, even though they were not always sure of their stunt or stunt group.  Willingness and trust can mean a lot to make a team successful! Way to go girls!

Makayla, Samantha, McKenzie & Meagan:  Facial expressions galore!  The cheer and dance moves are nothing without those beautiful facial expressions.  You four have it down perfectly!  You make me smile.

Aaliyah, Kandace, Sara, & Taylor:  Willing to help in any way they can.  One of the things I've seen all four of them do at different times is to guide others that might not have the cheer or dance down exactly right and yet patiently mentoring them.  Great example for all!

Cheyenne & Sevannah:  First year cheerleaders, or return cheerleading (after being out a year) willing to take criticism and "fix" what's wrong with a "Yes, I can" attitude can mean EVERYTHING!  Thanks!

Blair:  Being the base of a stunt group can be as dangerous as being the flier if the flier sits on your head.  This happened to Blair and even though her head received some bumps the girl was ALWAYS a trouper!  She has a great attitude and wonderful respect for herself and others.  Thank you!

Hollin:  One that I could call on at any time and would try her best to step up to the plate and get the job done!  Wonderful person trying to lead with her heart and winding up with a bruised heart at times, learning that a leadership position can be harder than being a good follower.  You go girl, thanks!

Suzanne:  I could not have a better Co-Coach!!!  Excellent!  We believe in hard work and one another! 

It was a pleasure to work with one and all.  The football team could not have had a more devoted group in their corner.  Win or lose..."Hey, hey, We Believe in You!"

Sunday, October 9, 2011

5-K...No Hill for a STEPPER!!!

Tammy G and her parents, Barbara and Don
Tammy is a SERIOUS marathon mover and shaker!!!
I am proud of her!!!!

Yesterday I realized I'm going to have to get on board!!!  On board what?  The 5-K Walk Train!!!  Years ago I had the privilege to work under a principal that challenged me both as an educator and a healthy person.  Rebecca L. was and still is a sound educator that expected everyone under her authority to be the very best they could be.  I tried to rise to that expectation.  I had no problem doing that in the classroom or as an assistant to her in any of her efforts, because I love education, study education, live and breathe education.  I did have problems being the best example health wise.  I am and was then fat.  Rebecca challenged me to begin walking with her.  We walked three miles everyday after school for thirty pounds.  That is exactly what she walked off of me.  But you need the picture, sorry I don't have a physical one, so you'll have to envision this.  Rebecca is at least 5' ll'': she is a lean, mean, fighting machine.  I'm Pooh Bear; "short, fat, proud of that, in the mood for food."  One day she had her long, lanky stride at full steam.  You see we were also walking off all the stress of our day.  I was running, puffing right beside her with my short, fat 5'2" self, giving it all I had.  All of a sudden we heard the screeching of brakes.  I checked to make sure I had not fallen out in the middle of the road.  Sure enough I was still chugging along.  But there beside me was a little red truck and behind the wheel was a little old white haired man, probably an angel sent from heaven to save me.  This little old white haired man reached over rolled down his window and spoke real loud to me.  He said, "Lil Lady, (He had my heart right there.)  It don't matter how fast you try to walk, you are not going to be able to keep up with that long legged lady there!"  He chuckled and pulled off.  Rebecca and I both laughed.  I bet we looked funny to most of the people watching us.  We stopped walking together, I think Rebecca started running.  She had done her part, I was enjoying walking.  Another teacher, more my stride, started walking with me, Jo N.  Jo and I walked, talked and enjoyed solving every problem in the world.  When all of that was done we started dreaming.  We decided we would enter the 5-K Walk for the Natchitoches Christmas Festival.  I told Ken of our goal.  He said, "Debbie, Do you realize that the 5-K Walk is a Walk/Run and it is indeed a race?"  I, in my best teachery voice, reminded him that it was the tortoise that won.  This was not the way it turned out on that December morning.  You see Jo lived on the trek we had been practicing and on the Christmas route as well.  When I walk that much, I'm going to have to take a bathroom break and maybe a coffee break.  I did.  When I finished the race, along with Jo, there was one person behind us.  It was the policeman, in the car, assigned to follow the end of the race.  They had already given out all the fruit, water and congratulatory notes.  But we had finished the race, therefore we had WON!  I was reminded of this just yesterday when several of my teacher friends and students entered the walk for Columbia's Art Festival.  Congratulations Kim G., Tammy G. and Autumn G.  I am proud of you.  The journey is sweet because of challenges we meet and conquer!  Bring it on, I'm getting ready.  There just has to be a bathroom along the way...
Kim G., finished her first 5-K race in 56.36!
Yea You!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Cotton field in the fall, Louisiana Snow!!!

Sunflower fields ready for Dove Season

This is my absolutely favorite time of year!  I love October - December, but October is THE month.  It's always been the month I enjoy the most.  Maybe because it's the FALL, and I do that so well.  Pun intended.  It's the colors of fall, the smells of fall, the football games, the fairs, the new TV shows, lots of "stuff" that I love!  But it is named the FALL!!! I've ALWAYS done that well and I must enjoy it because I do it a lot.  The other night, Ken and I went to dinner at Red Lobster in Monroe.  He parked, I was looking at my phone and did not notice our parking spot.  Ken always comes around and opens my door for me, but this time I beat him and was getting out on my own, talking and looking at my phone.  Multi-tasking overload!  Ken had parked right next to the curb.  There was a tree planted there and that should have been a clue, WATCH OUT!  But it went unheeded and so did my feet.  I fell over the curb trying to get out of the car.  I thought for a moment I would hit the dirt with my face, but I turned just in time to land on my rear.  This added a bump, bruise and soreness to  my already permanently swollen derriere.  Ken came running around to help me up, but I couldn't let him.  I was afraid if he pulled too hard he'd hurt himself or myself.  So I crawled to the car and stood up.  He was so apologetic and said he'd never park by a curb again...Bless his heart, you'd think he'd know by now that it doesn't really matter.  I can fall over my own two feet, out of a chair, bending over, standing up straight...It doesn't really matter.  I guess I just love going down and I do it so well...The journey is wonderful, enjoy the falls along the way...
Grandchildren + Fair = Fun for All!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adjectives of Casondra...

Cas & Joe, so long ago...
She is     Compassionate to the hurting...
She is    Affectionate to her children...
She is    Sweet to her in-laws...
She is    Obedient to her Maker...
She is    Nonoffensive to her enemey...
She is    Darling to her parents...
She is    Rare ruby to her husband...
She is     Adorable to all who really know her...

Happy Birthday Casondra!  God truly blessed Me, My Husband & My Son by bringing you into our lives.  We love you...

Me & Cas, two "head cases", as Tafta says...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maybe Hank Had Something Right, "Mind Your Own Business"

Ken's grandmother had a wonderful saying, "Every one knows how to treat the devil, but the one that has him."  I truly find it amazing how much we as humans are experts on what everyone else should do, but our actions prove that as to our own lives we haven't a clue.  I also find it amazing at how fickle our brains are when it comes to our memories.  We know that it is a truth that when we were children things were scarier than they really were, bigger than they really were, louder than they were really were, harder than they really were, funnier than they really were, etc.  Our memory is truly eschewed when looking back on our childhood.  We see things in our mind's eye through the eyes of the child we were.  I totally accept that.  However, when looking back as an adult at younger adult years and in some respect just last week, I have a very low tolerance for people that askew that memory and try to pass it on as truth.  GET REAL!!!  Now keep in mind, I have NOTHING against creating a totally new memory.  I love that.  I even enjoy remembering BIG!  As long as we all understand that is what is going on.  Please don't try to rationalize your behavior to me, cause I'm broke & I'm not buying it!  Please go "mind your own business, then you won't be minding mine", as Hank sang.  The journey I'm on involves creating memories for children in my world that will point them in the right direction for many years to come.  I come to stop signs along the journey and sometimes need to pull over at a rest area for a brief pause or to look at my road map.  I pray that my Creator will light my path, guard my way and be my GUIDE!  He is...the Keeper of my Soul!

Monday, September 12, 2011

There She Is...It's Miss...

Some BEAUTIFUL girls!!!
This morning I co-led a workshop on technology for our district and then I helped the church ladies clean up after a funeral luncheon.  I've washed and folded 5 loads of clothes.  Then I graded two sets of math tests.  Finally I decided, ENOUGH!!!  I must sit in front of the television and have some intellectual stimulation where I do not have to be actively engaged if I don't want to be.  My choices were the Tea Party Presidential Debate or Miss Universe...Here I sit watching...Miss Universe.   I ABSOLUTELY LOVE watching these things!!!  Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss U.S.A., put Miss in front of it and I'm there.  My favorite way to watch these is with my daughter and one of my daughter-in-laws.  We would make GREAT judges.  The only problem is at our Judge's Table we would require snacks and lots of Diet Cola.  We can pick out winners faster than the Energizer Bunny can scoot across the screen in commercials.  Our "pick" is ALWAYS in the top three and often the winner.  Not necessarily because we think she's the prettiest but because we're just that good at judging what the judges will pick.  Maybe that's what we ought to judge, the Judges.  Who really does the job right and who needs to re-think their pick.  I can hear us now, picking up their ballots..."Now you just erase that score and re-think.  Did you get a good look at the back of that gown?  Did you see the bones on those hips in that swim suit?  Really? My dog shows more talent than that when he's howling at the moon!"  I don't really believe in beauty pageants, I just enjoy the "bling" or something anyway...After all I was Miss Wham Brake in 1975...Whatever, WE do make the journey more beautiful!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mr. Ken

If a picture's worth a thousand words...then I'll spare the world a few...and just share a picture of you!

If a face can launch a thousand ships...then where am I to go
There's no one home but you...
And when my love for life is running come and pour yourself on me...

Happy Birthday, Love of My Life...Mr. Ken

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Symptoms: Hold on I Think I've Got That!!!

Old Television Clip Art

You know you are in trouble when you are watching television and a commercial comes on encouraging you to see your doctor and ask for _____ (some medicine) if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, and you have 4 out of 5 of them.  Then you hear the side effects of the medicine and you realize you are experiencing ALL of the side effects and you aren't even taking ANY medicine!  What is going on?  You might call it hypochondria, except for I don't get hyper about very much, unless it has to do with something I'm really interested in.  And frankly my "symptoms" of a disease I didn't even know existed until  I saw the commercial do not get me hyper.  So why do I have all the symptoms and the side effects...too much TV!  I think I'm experiencing "Symptomatic Medical TV Commercial Overload".  That's something for you!  The symptoms are:
You talk in commercial voice all the time.
You check the "Guide" as soon as you get up or sit down.
You can't leave the house without the DVR set.
You break out in a cold sweat while watching a recorded show and your spouse skips through the commercials.
You keep a list of all the "medical" commercials, just in case.
You keep a list of all the lawyers suing all the "medicines", just in case.

I've not come up with a cure for SMTVCO yet, but when I do...the journey will be sweeter!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Door

Our school is STILL under renovation.  But it's getting better all the time and I know that all the inconvenience will manifest itself into one glorious institute of knowledge.  Last week I was extremely tired, a week of workshops, unpacking, and planning for a new school year can make an old girl weak in the knees.  AND I was a bit disappointed by the look of the door to my classroom.  The contractor had either mis-ordered or the door shippers had shipped some wrong doors.  Either way three classrooms in my hall were left with old doors and they were ugly and dirty by comparison.  The door to a classroom is the first hint of the teacher inside.  I'm not old, ugly or dirty...(Just Saying)  I wanted a new door too!  I posted this statement under the picture of someone's new door as my status on facebook and got quite a few remarks.

One of them I absolutely loved!  My four year old granddaughter, Bethany Cate, remarked to her mother, "How about she just open that door and go in!"  Spot on!  A door is just a door and if it remains unopened we can only guess what lies inside for us. 
I use to have a sentence strip with a wise old owl saying, "The door to knowledge is never closed", hanging above my classroom door.  One day I had to ask a student to leave my room; he did.  But on his way out he slammed the door.  One of my other male students remarked under his breath, "Whoa, I think I just heard the door to knowledge slam shut!  Or maybe that was the door of stupidity."  Sometimes you just can't help yourself, you call it the way you see it.  The journey is winding, let's walk through the door and get on our way!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Cheer, You Cheer, We All Cheer for CPJH!!!

CPJH Cheer Leaders & Baby Blues are the BEST!!!

Ok, here we first week of drill team...and it was GREAT!  The girls showed up, cheered, danced and worked hard.  I have to admit for someone that was not exactly looking forward to this I thoroughly enjoyed it.  In another blog I admitted that in high school some of my favorite times were spent in the band making fun of cheerleaders.  I have to say to all my cheery friends, "Sorry!"  If you worked back then as hard as my girls worked you deserve respect not ridicule.  These girls gave it all they had on the most part, those that did not will not be cheering or dancing.  It's that simple.  WE SHOW UP; WE WORK OUT; WE CHEER; WE DANCE!  Love it!!!  Another fine mess for me and Suzanne, a great fellow teacher & coach!   The journey has taken a little turn, let's hope it doesn't get too bumpy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thinking of Jon

The firstborn, on his day, I'm thinking of a little blue-eyed, wonderful baby boy who has grown in to a fine young man.  My husband and I were priviledged to spend a portion of today with him and his lovely family as we celebrated his birthday.  This past weekend I got to spend some one-on-one time with his youngest & even though they say she acts like me, she looks just like him.  They were both precious babies.  As a baby, Jonathan was absolutely wonderful.  I was so young if he hadn't been, I don't know what would have happened.  There definitely would not have been three more.  He made it easy. 

I can remember traveling with him from Alexandria back to see my mom & dad in Swartz.  Jonathan was less than or maybe a little over a year old.  We did not have him in a car seat, he sat on the front seat beside me in our little green station wagon.  I held his hand and sang, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" the whole way.  He would shake his hand and giggle the whole way.  He was EXTREMELY pleasant and easy to please.

When Jonathan was two we were again living in West Monroe.  My parents lived in Swartz and I made weekly visits with the children.  I remember as we were traveling out to their house we passed a  store where Santa was entering.  Jonathan started hollering, "Stop, Stop, I need to talk to him."  I told Jonathan if he was good for the whole day, we'd stop on our way home.  He was excellent!  By this time our second child was six months old and after a full day, both she and I were ready to be at home.  So, sure enough, on the way home I was ready to default on my promise.  Jonathan, the little man, was standing right there up front with his eyes wide open and hunting for that store.  He forgot nothing!  I noticed and tried to divert, I said, "Look those men just stuffed Santa in that car.  I guess we'll have to go another day!"  He looked realllll  SERIOUS at me and said in a quiet voice, "Oh well, I'll just be bad then."  We stopped.

That very winter it snowed one night right before we put Jonathan and Tafta to bed.  I wanted to go out and play in it with Jonathan, but Ken said no.  It was too cold and not a good idea he thought right before bed.  I would have danced all over that hill and probably been sick in the morning.  I had had several bouts with pneumonia.  So instead we put them to bed.  We were in the living room when we heard a crashing sound in the baby's room.  A shelf had fallen, but there in the middle of the white powdered room was the culprit.  Jonathan was holding a large empty cannister of baby powder.  "Look", he said, "I made snow we can play in!"  The room was COVERED and smelled good!

Children are a gift from God, and I'm so glad he sent me Jonathan as my first present!