Thursday, May 19, 2011

Test Scores are in, Let's Get on with the Ride!

If you are a tried and true reader of my blog...ahem...then you remember or have read "Come Smile with Me a While"  as well as "Testing the Football Version".  Well I have something to smile about...testing is over, scores are in for another year, and we lived through it!  I didn't even have to coach an inning of football, but I was ready.  Some of the kiddos knocked it out of the park, I guess that's baseball.  Some scored a touchdown.  Some got their body slammed.  Some got the wind knocked out of their sails.  I REALLY try to put this all in perspective.  It's just ONE test on ONE day and there are so MANY factors that weigh in on this monster.  Coach Freddie Hallman, whom I respect a whole heapa bunch, use to tell me "Mrs. Evans, we prepare best we can.  We hit the field hard and alert, but on any given night any given team could beat anybody."

Coach Freddie Hallman & wife Jodie
Freddie knows football!
 I think that describes this testing stuff too.  We  prepared the BEST we could.  I gave it 100% and so did the children I teach.  I require it of them.  I expect it of them.  Even the ones who fell back a few yards or got yellow flagged or  a penalty, I felt did the best they could in that moment.  Some of the darlings brought a lot of "baggage" with them that fateful morning.  It's hard to run hard when you're carrying a bunch of unnecessary weight.   Some ran straight in for a TOUCHDOWN!  One sweetheart told me she was praying for an Advanced, she's never made one.  And what do you know, she made her very first one this year in MATH!  I'm extremely proud for her.  I'm also proud of my students that leaped from an Unsatisfactory to a Basic this year.  Just as I celebrate with them, I hurt with those that had a setback.  But that's all it is, a temporary setback.  In basketball, when you foul someone and the ref blows his whistle and calls your number, you put your hand up and get back in the game.  We will put our hands up, study our successes (to repeat them), study or defeats (to delete them) and get back in the game.  THAT'S HOW WE ROLL!!!


  1. Glad to see it worked out so well

  2. Good way to sum it all up.

  3. You did great you won't have much time off between now and summer school. But at least the bad one is down.